Winter Break (12/23-1/6)

Just a reminder that school will be closed for winter break from December 23 to January 6 and re-open on January 7.


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Summit Preparatory Charter High School is a free, public charter high school in Redwood City, CA. Our mission is to prepare a diverse group of students for success in college, and to be thoughtful, contributing members of society. At Summit Prep we believe that every student is capable of being college and career ready and should have access to high-performing 21st century schools that prepare them for success in college, career and life.



Summit students receive consistent, relevant, and personalized support seamlessly integrated into their school day as they drive towards their academic and personal goals. Every Summit student has a dynamic Personalized Learning Plan and is able to access all of the learning tools and resources they need at any time.


Summit students are self-directed learners. From the day they arrive, Summit students are encouraged and coached to develop the different facets of self-directed learning – Challenge Seeking, Persistence, Strategy-Shifting, Response to Setbacks, and Appropriate Help Seeking.


All Summit graduates meet or exceed four-year college entrance requirements. All Summit students demonstrate competency in college preparatory course work in five core subjects and the visual arts.


Every single student is known by every faculty member, and teachers continuously collaborate to ensure students have the feedback and practice they need to become empowered learners. Every Summit student has at least one adult mentor and coach, who individually supports them to set goals and make a plan to achieve those goals.


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I chose Summit Prep twice for both my kids, for different reasons. For one of them, I was looking for a school where he could get the support of teachers and learn the skills to be self sufficient. For the other, I was looking for a school where students could study at their own pace and spend class time on meaningful and relevant projects. I knew that in addition to a high school degree, Summit Prep was preparing them not only for college but to handle problems in the future. While different goals for both kids, I was able to find all of that and more at Summit Prep. Best of all, the Summit Prep journey allowed me and my husband to be involved in many aspects of the school, and make lifelong friends along the way.

Sandra Cheung
Parent of a Summit Prep graduate


There are so many reasons to love Summit Prep. For us, the most important one is academics. Our son attended parochial school K-5, a private middle school and, for the first time, public school as a 9th grader. He shadowed at several schools, both public and private, and fell in love with Summit Prep. When he was accepted, we felt like we had literally won the lottery! Our son was accustomed to a project-based platform in middle school; however, the education that we thought he would receive at that school (and for which we paid a lot of money), we didn’t actually get until he started at Summit Prep. The challenging and 21st-century curriculum at Summit Prep rivals any private school around. The teachers and the executive team are stellar and truly believe in their mission that any student can be college ready.

Julie Pierce
Parent of a Summit Prep