Our Team

High- Quality Educators

Summit Public Schools has a world-class faculty collaborating to achieve our common mission:  providing college opportunity and access to every student.  
Our faculty has the remarkable capacity for connecting with young people, they are passionate about their content area, 
and they have a strong level of dedication, respect and compassion for students.

Supporting Cast:

Penelope Pak McMillen
Executive Director
contact me: ppak@summitps.org

Katie Eison-Washington
Assistant Director (prospective students, transfer students, and college process)
contact me: keisonwashington@summitps.org

Alara MacGillivray
Operations Manager (student records, payments)
contact me: amacgillivray@summitps.org

Nancy Villegas-Naranjo
Office Assistant (attendance, lunch)
contact me: nvillegasn@summitps.org

Academic Coaches:

Paul Parell
contact me: pparell@summitps.org

Maya Mehta
contact me: mmehta@summitps.org

Yaro Lola
contact me: ylola@summitps.org

Mary Smith
contact me: msmith@summitps.org

Elizabeth Love
contact me: elove@summitps.org

English Department:

Chiara Colicino
9th Grade English
contact me: ccolicino@summitps.org

Bree Hawkins
10th Grade English and AP Language
contact me: bhawkins@summitps.org

Karryn Lintelman
10th Grade English and AP Literature
contact me: klintelman@summitps.org

Science Department:

Kristel Hsiao 
Biology and Physics
contact me: khsiao@summitps.org

Cady Ching 
Biology and AP Environmental Science
contact me: cching@summitps.org

Liz Beans 
contact me: lbeans@summitps.org

Spanish Department:

Jason Bush (Spanish 3 and AP Spanish)
contact me: jbush@summitps.org

Byron Hoy (Spanish 1-2)
contact me: bhoy@summitps.org

History Department:

David Tellez
World Studies 1 and World Studies 2
contact me: dtellez@summitps.org

Chris Kelly 
AP U.S. History
contact me: ckelly@summitprep.net

Nick Howell
AP Government and World Studies 1
contact me: nhowell@summitps.org

Math Department:

Kelly Bonnez 
Math 1 and AP Statistics
contact me: kbonnez@summitps.org

Michael Feeney
Math 1 and Math 2
contact me: mfeeney@summitps.org

Ethan Edwards 
Pre-Calculus and AP Calculus
contact me: eedwards@summitps.org

Resource Specialists:

Grethen Oorthuys
contact me: goorthuys@summitps.org

Michael Green Jr.
contact me: mgreen@summitps.org