Lunch Program

School Lunch Information

We have partnered with ChoiceLunch for our Breakfast and Lunch Program this year. At Choicelunch, good ideas come from anywhere and everywhere. So if one of their 70+ kitchen staff has an idea about how to make fruits and veggies more appealing to kids, we listen. Between their executive chef, prep chefs and food safety expert, they've got healthy, nutritious lunches down to a science. They started small. One school. One child. One nutritious lunch. The goal was never to get big. The goal was to change the way kids think about school lunch. Today, more than 250 schools across California have joined the Choicelunch family. Still, their goal remains unchanged. A healthy future that starts with a healthy breakfast and lunch.

Costs for Breakfast and Lunch for 2014-2015 school year are as follows:

Breakfast Paid- $3.00

Breakfast Reduced- $.30

Lunch Paid- $4.00

Lunch Reduced- $.40

Payment is requested in advance and will be placed “on account” for your student.

Payments may be made by Cash or Check at the school site or by signing up for Credit 

Card payments through our Parent Account.

If you have any questions please contact Ann Howland (408) 641 8773 or